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Boat Loan Repayment Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate monthly repayments on a boat loan

Boat Loan Details:

Remember to make allowance for stamp duty, registration, insurance or other costs to be included in the loan where applicable.
Enter whole numbers only please, no dots, commas etc.

If you have a deposit or a trade-in, include the amount here
Enter whole numbers only please, no dots, commas etc.

(if applicable)
Select the number of years over which you would repay the loan.

A longer Loan Term will mean lower monthly repayments but at a higher cost overall.

The options below are indicative of what lenders currently offer.

Select an interest rate for the calculator simulation.
The range of rates listed below are representative of those currently available.

Your actual rate can only be confirmed after you apply.

% per Annum
Boat Loan Repayment & Amortization Calculator


Boat Loan Interest Rates differ from lender to lender and will depend on your individual circumstances (credit history, employment status, age, etc.). To find out if you qualify ... and for a free, personalised interest rate and repayment quote, please CLICK HERE

Boat Loan Amortization Calculator

The following amortization graphs detail month-by-month data on the progress of the proposed loan. The first chart below examines the reducing loan balance over the course of the finance contract term. The second graph illustrates the portion of each monthly repayment allocated to payment of interest vs principal reduction.

Boat Loan Repayment & Amortization CalculatorBoat Loan Repayment & Amortization Calculator

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