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Unsecured personal loans

Interest rates for unsecured loans are typically higher than for secured loans. Repayment terms for personal loans can range from as little as 6 months for short-term finance up to 5 years or more. Interest rates will also vary dramatically for personal loans depending on the loan term, the amount of the loan as well as the individual circumstances of the applicant. Whilst loans of $5000 or more for an applicant with a good credit history over a term of 3 years or more may be available for as little as 15% per annum or less, small, short term loans can attract comparative rates as high as 36% including fess and charges - depending on the circumstances of the applicant. For example, a $1000 loan over 6 months could require a fortnightly repayment of as much as $96.92.
Secured loans such as home loans, car loans, etc. are usually a much cheaper finance option. The interest rate will be different depending on what you are financing. For example, home loan interest rates will be typically lower than for a car, boat, caravan or truck loan.

Finance Articles

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Finance News

Younger Australians bear the brunt of RBA’s aggressive  rate hikes Younger Australians bear the brunt of RBA’s aggressive  rate hikes
09 Jun 2023:

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) aggressive interest rate hikes are affecting younger Australians the most, according to CBA's head of Australian economics, Gareth Aird. While older Australians remain largely unscathed, Aird says that the 'pain' of higher rates is being felt by those in the 25-45 age group, many of whom are recent entrants into the housing market or renters who have seen rents rise swiftly over the past year. - read more
New Insights and Perspectives on the Latest RBA Interest Rate Hike New Insights and Perspectives on the Latest RBA Interest Rate Hike
07 Jun 2023:

On June 6th, 2023, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announced its decision to raise the cash rate to 4.1%, citing concerns about inflation. While the rate hike has been met with mixed reactions, it is important to consider the potential impacts on consumers and the broader economy. - read more
Why Investing in Property through SMSF is a Smart Idea Why Investing in Property through SMSF is a Smart Idea
07 Jun 2023:

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) have become a popular financial tool for Australians to take greater control of their retirement savings. One of the investment options available within an SMSF is investing in property. Setting up an SMSF for property investment can be a complex process, but with proper guidance, it can be a lucrative investment strategy. - read more